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Quang Minh Tran is a Vietnamese-born painter, who is currently working and studying at the Academy of Fine Art Dresden Germany. In Vietnam he was mostly self-taught since the age of 15 and was admitted to the Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Art. Here, he continued to study academic fine art for one semester before moving to Germany to enroll in his study at the Fine Art Academy in Dresden Germany. Tran is now under the guidance of German painter Ralf Kerbach.


With a deep interest in oil paint, his works explore the possibilities of this medium, as well as the possibilities of two- dimensional art. He mainly focuses on depicting humanity through figurative art. His strong belief in natural, organic forms as the fundamental in fine art motivates him to push its boundary through new pictural composition, colors, forms, shapes, …


Among the contemporary art movement of the 21st century, which is heading towards conceptual-oriented art, Tran is one of the young artists of this new generation, who carries on the traditional approach towards painting. One of his main goals in his artistic career is to preserve and develop this figurative, “organic” aesthetic, especially in the age of digitalization.


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