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The Meaning Of My Logo

This logo was designed by me and my designer. It´s an image of 4 rectangles lying next to each other in a minimalistic style. The idea behind it was that the 4 rectangles represented 4 canvases hanging on a wall. This simple imagery is very comprehensible, yet conveys some essential ideas about my identity as an artist. Paintings hanging on the wall can often be seen at a painter´s studio or at an exhibition. Therefore I see this imagery as a clear and direct association with painting as an art form and painter as a profession.

It´s also my wish that this logo will not only stand for me as a painter but when people recognize it somewhere, they will also associate it with paintings of good quality and value.

Here are some other variations and designs of this logo:

Special thanks to my designer and dear friend, who came up with the idea of my logo and help me design it :) you can check out his other works here.



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