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The "Female Figure" Series

The "Female Figure" series was where I challenged myself with the female body form. My goal was to do my best to depict the female body with its beauty and dignity, which wasn´t an easy task, as this motive has always been challenging for all painters throughout the history of fine art.

Regardless, the female body always carries a kind of timeless quality, beauty in itself. It´s a perfect manifestation of the female energy; it´s the symbol of the source of all creation, hence from the mother womb, everything comes to existence; it´s also an expression of power, but not power in the sense of authority or dominance as in the male energies, rather the power of sensibility and purity... As a figurative painter, it´s not uncommon to have a great desire for this quest of depicting the female body with all its beautiful qualities.

My "Female Figure" series was finished after 3 months in summer 2021. Along "Woman 01" and "Woman 02", which are the biggest paintings in the series, there are also 6 other smaller canvases. Most of them were executed after the completion of "Woman 01" and "Woman 02".

Woman 01

Oil on canvas

170cm x 125cm

Woman 02

Oil on canvas

175cm x 130cm

Portrait Of A Woman

Oil on canvas

70cm x 60cm

Female Nude 02

Oil on canvas

100cm x 80cm

Female Nude 03

Oil on Canvas

70cm x 60cm

Female Nude 05

Oil on Canvas

120cm x 85cm

Female Nude Study

Mixed media on canvas

73cm x 89cm

Female Nude 04

Mixed media on canvas

73cm x 62cm

My personal favorite among these pictures is "Female Nude 02". I just love the cobalt blue of the floor, on which the woman stands. It just balances the composition so well :)



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