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"Woman 01" and "Woman 02" Painting Process (Part 2)

Click here to see part 1.

I painted "Woman 2" at the same time as "Woman 01" because I thought that when 2 paintings arise together, maybe it would be easier for me to find the right direction for them. For example, if one painting doesn´t work out, you can turn to the other painting and continue to study, experiment on it. But it turned out to be quite an exhausting task to execute 2 big paintings at the same time.

Woman 02:

04/10/2021: I painted this female nude over another painting that I wasn´t satisfied with. This was its early stage.

07/10/2021: I once again tried to open up the drawing to make it freer.

09/10/2021: I used painting knives a lot at this stage but her face turned out to be a little bit too much...

12/10/2021: ... So I reduced the figure into simpler form but it still doesn´t look right. I was unsatisfied with the colors of the painting. The main figure was also unclear in the composition.

16/10/2021: But after referring to a lot of my sketches and studies, I finally got it right, along with "Woman 1".

"Woman 1" and "Woman 2" were some of the most time-consuming projects I have ever worked on. Lots of effort and energy were put into them. The process was intense but I also learned a lot along the way.

As a result, most pictures I painted after that were executed rather quickly, within 2 or 3 days. These works make up the "Female Figure" series, which you can view here.



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